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Dashboard access and training

All results to our surveys are ready for analysis in BI dashboard, build on Qlik Sense technology: YORT.QS.

Generally speaking, access to the dashboard is made available in the first week after the start of the fieldwork.


The dashboard can be accessed via the following link: https://visualize.yorizongroup.com

Walkthrough session / Training

The YORT.QS dashboard is a very powerful tool for analysis of the results. Therefore users are always offered a walkthrough.

During this training, which is given by our experience Reporting Consultants, all ins- and outs of the dashboard are being explained.


Every project by default has one admin license included. Every license is a named license, meaning that it is linked to a specific person. We do not support shared license due to security restrictions

Additional licenses can be purchased seperately. Please login to your Teams environment for your request form.

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