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CIO and IT Management Reports

Yorizon has defined two types of automated best practice (PDF) reports; the CIO Report and the IT Management Report. Beside these auto generated reports, we offer the possibility for advanced reports as well.

Automated reports are generated in the first week after a surveying period. For continuous surveys this basically means that a report is generated and shared first week of the new month in the share Teams environment. For baseline surveys, the reports are generated in the week that the survey is ‘closed’.

Type of Reports

CIO Reports

CIO Reports are high level reports. Results are aggregated to a relatively high level, but can be contain information specific to segments.

Product Owner Reports

Product Owner reports are reports that highlight specific areas from the survey, focusing on the provisioning of information to the product owner.

Advanced Reports

Beside the default CIO and Product Owner reports, we also offer advanced reports with extended statistical analysis and extensive comment analysis.

If you want to know more about our advanced reports, please contact your project manager.

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