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Project Timeline and Overview

Onboarding and Kick-Off

It can take up to 3 months from the kick-off of a project until the survey goes live. Taking into account the specifics of your current digital workplace environment, along with your strategic objectives, information needs, and development roadmap, we provide tailored advice on the most effective approach. This includes defining the scope of the survey project to ensure it aligns with your goals, identifying the management information necessary for different stakeholders.

Execution and Project Management

We’ll discuss our methodology with your team, clarifying each stage for transparency. Alignment will be sought on content, target employees, data security, and specific timelines. Often, our process begins with a baseline survey, succeeded by regular trend surveys to monitor developments, ensuring all aspects are comprehensively covered within a framework of strict confidentiality and timely execution.

  • Survey Set-Up
  • Translations
  • Whitelisting
  • Invitations
  • Sampling
  • Survey Start (Fieldwork)

Data Analyses and Reporting

A dedicated project lead will guide and assist you at every step, supported by a project support team and a customer success manager. Any changes, extra requirements, or analyses needed will be promptly addressed.

Advice and Consultancy

We offer consultancy, presentations, and participation in leadership team meetings, providing recorded videos with findings interpretations or live advice. We consider benchmark data and share best practices from various industries in change management and communication.

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