Our services span the globe, catering to a diverse clientele from various industries. Our expertise benefits organizations of all sizes, from those with around 500 IT users to multinational corporations with over 100,000 IT professionals.

We collaborate closely with central corporate teams, often the CIO’s office, to ensure that survey initiatives are consistent worldwide in methodology, corporate identity, branding, and integration with other projects.

Additionally, we partner with regional offices and specialized departments such as IT Service Management, Business Application Management, IT Infrastructure Management, Project Management, and Digital Transformation offices, assisting them in gathering valuable feedback from employees.

Clients headquarters locations

  • Number of IT end users in the database: 4,700,000
  • Current and active: 500,000¬†
  • Regions: Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania¬†
  • Number of countries: 192
  • Monthly updated benchmarks¬†
  • Number of organisations served: 227
  • Number of active entities: 765
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