Custom Survey Domain

The Custom Survey Domain is part of the white label module, which is part of the [[Yorizon Corporate Package|corporate package]], together with [[Custom Email Sender Domain]] and [[Single Sign On|YORT.QS Single Sign On]].

Setting up a a custom survey domain is fairly easy, but could take some time. In order to be able configure the customer survey domain, the DNS of your domain should be altered, which in general requires the IT department and security.

Step 1. Define your domain

Yorizon uses as its core domain to serve its surveys. Suggestions for survey domains on your domain are:

  • itss.{yourdomain}.com
  • itsurvey.{yourdomain}.com

Step 2. Configure your DNS

When the domain is chosen, next step is to add to entries to the domain DNS. In general this action is undertaken by you IT department / IT administrator.

Two DNS entries are needed:

Type: TXT-Record

Name: asuid.{yourcustomdomain} (e.g.

Value: C156708CA0C7DBE1EBAE3547D62CE93D23C9DA20D78DB1EA4E22553460AF68D2

This record explicitely gives our server permission to use the specified domain.

Type: A-Record

Name: @ (e.g.


This record points to our server which handles the requests.

Step 3. SSL Certificate

Last step in the process is to set-up the SSL certificate. We support two types of certificates:

1. SSL Certificate generated by

2. SSL Certificate generated by you

SSL generated by us

By default we generate certificates via Let’s Encrypt( The whole lifecycle handling is done by us. The SSL uses a strong 4096 bit private key.

SSL generated by you

If your company policy has constraints and makes it mandatory to have your own certificate generated. This is no problem.

In general the process looks like this:

  1. Yorizon generates a CSR and authorisation key and shares this with you
  2. Customer generates and shares a certificated based on the shared CSR and auth key.
  3. Certificate is implemented

Renewal of certificate

We will notify you in time (60 days before expiration) when the certificate needs to be renewed. A new CSR will be issued and shared, as the reuasage is not allowed because of security reasons.

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