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Detailed Result Analysis (DLI)

Our detailed results analyses are in-depth examinations of your survey results. It differs from the high-level management reports in that they are not automatically generated and focus on topics of interest such as the results of a specific IT topic, application, or segmentation group. We offer two types of detailed analysis: Presentation after the baseline survey and Quarterly in-depth analysis and advice.

Presentation after the baseline survey

Once your annual/biannual survey has been concluded, we analyse and compile the results in a presentation which will be shared and discussed with you in a meeting. The structure of this presentation is as follows:

  1. Recap on survey structure: which questions were asked and our measurement scale.
  2. General results: your general satisfaction score, IT topic and Applications satisfaction scores, benchmark results, compliments and improvement suggestions, and segmentation results. For returning surveys, we also include a comparison with previous results.
  3. Highlights from IT topics and applications: here we include the results of the best and worst performing topics and applications, as well as from topics which had the highest increase and decrease in satisfaction. Commonly, we also carry out an analysis of the open comments for selected topics.
  4. Productivity, Digital skills, and Innovation results: the topics scores and an analysis of the open comments.
  5. Working with the results: tips on how to keep your survey results relevant within your company.

Quarterly in-depth analysis and advice

For our monthly trend surveys, we offer quarterly reports of the results of selected topics. This analysis is intended to assist in measuring and tracking the results of topics in the long term and it can help identify oscillations in scores of topics and segmentation of interest.

In this analysis, we go briefly into the general results as the main focus is on specific topics or groups. We advise you to discuss with your team and explore our dashboard to determine which topics deserve our special attention. If you are not sure what to focus on, do not worry. We can help you determine which points can benefit from more insight and long-term tracking.

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