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Get Access to YORT-QS

There are two ways you can access the YORT-QS Dashboard.

Primarily, Yorizon dispatches two emails to clients once their dashboard is set up. The initial email provides essential login details, including the username and a URL for dashboard access. A subsequent email delivers the account’s password.

Sometimes when trying to access the dashboard, the user will get the login screen again. In that case you should prefix with the correct domain name “yorizongroup”. So if the username is “j.doe” the full username should be “yorizongroup\j.doe”.

Currently, users do not have the capability to modify their usernames or passwords independently.

Alternatively, certain clients may utilize their organization’s Single Sign-On (SSO) feature to access the YORT.QS dashboard. In these instances, the management of usernames and passwords is handled by the client’s organization, adhering to its specific protocols and procedures.

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