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Our Survey Philosophy


Our surveys are built around the following principles:

  • One Question Per Page design
  • Non-mandatory questions
  • Anonymous participation
  • Agility

The most important part of the preparation part is the set-up of the survey. The survey set-up consists of two main steps:

  1. Contents of the survey
  2. Survey look and feel

These two steps can be carried out independent from eachother.

Contents of the survey

During this part of the preparation phase the actual questions of the survey are being defined. Which topics are needed, which modules will be activated.

The IT Happiness program contains the following survey modules:

  1. Overall IT / Digital Satisfaction
  2. IT Topic Satisfaction and Improvement Areas
  3. Business Application Satisfaction and Improvement Areas
  4. Compliment and Improvement categories – defining priorities
  5. Digital Skills
  6. Productivity
  7. Innovation
  8. Anonimity

Survey look and feel and white labeling

Although our surveys have neutral look and feel, we offer customers the possibility to adjust the look and feel of the survey on some key points.

Our survey is based on the One Question per page philosophy


By default our survey can be adjusted on the following points:

  1. Font – define your own font
  2. Font-color
  3. Company logo
  4. Button colors
  5. Sidebar color and image

If you want something more specific, different from our template then this is possible, although not recommended. Check with your project manager for the possibilities and associated costs.

White labeling

This is an additional package. Please check with your project manager if this is part of your contract and or the associated costs involged

White labeling enhances engagement (response rates). Surveys which are white labeled, meaning that the survey url is part of your organizations own domain are perceived to be more safe and people are therefore more tempting to participate.

The white label package consists of:

  1. Your own custom survey url. (E.g.: itsurvey.[yourdomain.com])
    Read: Custom Survey Domain
  2. Invitations send from your own domain. The sender is in that case your own organization.
    Read: Custom Survey Domain

Some organizations opt for a total rebrand. Example; the survey within the organization ACME is known as ITSS (IT Satisfaction Survey)

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