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Survey Topics & Scope

Key Areas of Yorizon’s Survey Services

Yorizon offers comprehensive survey services targeting six crucial aspects of IT operations to gather structured, insightful, and valuable management information from various stakeholders, including employees and the business itself. Here’s a detailed overview of these six key areas:

1. Assess Readiness for New Tools & Technologies

Yorizon evaluates an organization’s preparedness for adopting new tools and technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). This service provides crucial insights into how prepared teams are for technology adoption, identifying gaps and opportunities to enhance strategic processes. By assessing readiness, companies can ensure smoother integration and better alignment with technological advancements.

2. Assess Impact of IT Change

This service focuses on evaluating the quality of project delivery, particularly during migrations and rollouts of new applications, products, or services. By collecting structured feedback from end users and business stakeholders, Yorizon helps organizations determine how well project outcomes meet their needs, ensuring satisfaction with scope, time, and business requirements.

3. Measure IT Value to the Business

Yorizon offers tailored solutions to highlight the value IT brings to the business. This involves measuring stakeholder satisfaction with IT services and products, assessing the level of innovation, and detailing specific IT contributions, such as new systems, services, and applications. These insights help demonstrate IT’s role in driving business success.

4. Evaluate Digital Skills and Training

To ensure that employees can effectively use new technologies, Yorizon assesses their digital skills and behaviors. This service measures the satisfaction and effectiveness of training programs and evaluates readiness for digital transformation. Actionable insights are provided to enhance workforce capabilities and manage overall digital health, ensuring that digital investments are valued and utilized.

5. Understand Impact of Digitalization

Prioritizing digital well-being allows companies to align HR and IT initiatives, making the digital environment a cornerstone of employee well-being. Yorizon helps boost employee satisfaction and motivation while improving the overall digital health of the organization. This holistic approach merges digital initiatives with human resource strategies for better outcomes.

6. Collect Feedback on Digital Workplace

Optimizing the IT end-user experience and enabling data-driven decisions about digital infrastructure are key aspects of this service. Yorizon employs a comprehensive approach, from crafting targeted IT surveys to conducting in-depth analysis. Leveraging years of experience in IT service performance measurement, Yorizon provides both a broad and detailed view of the organization’s digital employee experience.

These six key areas ensure that organizations can strategically enhance their digital operations, driving improvements in efficiency, satisfaction, and overall digital health. Yorizon’s expertise in survey services provides the necessary tools to gather valuable feedback and insights, facilitating informed decision-making and successful technology integration.

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